# This Dasara take a chopper ride to get a bird's eye view of Mysuru 

# The ride will start from Lalit Mahal Helipad and cover the whole city in 10 minutes. 

 This programme has been initiated to improve Karnataka tourism and attract tourists from around the globe to visit MysuruTourists and residents can now hop into choppers to get a bird's eye point of view of all iconic places in Mysuru including the famous Mysuru Palace and the Chamundi Hills.This Dasara, the district administration has introduced a programme called the 'Agasadhinda Mysuru' which gives tourists and residents an opportunity to tour Mysuru in a helicopter. 

 The ride will start from Lalit Mahal Helipad and cover the whole city in 10 minutes. Six people can sit at a time in the chopper. In an effort to contribute towards Karnataka tourism, Chipsan Aviation Pvt Ltd Providing choppers for this programme. Though it costs ₹2,499 for elders and ₹ 2,299 for children for a 10-minute ride, it will cost around ₹ 84,000 if you wish to go on a one hour tour.."Our aim is to make Dasara more attractive and give people across the globe a reason to visit Mysuru” 

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Helicopter Rides Catching on for Weddings 

Sunil Narayanan, director at Chipsan Aviation, says that 75 per cent of the time people hire helicopters for showering flowers while a marriage is in progress or when the happy couple step out of the church.“People are sometimes particular about being married at the Guruvayur Temple, but there are few wedding halls around. So, they are forced to book halls 200-300 km away from the temple and the couple and relatives fly in to the hall in a helicopter,” he says. The helicopter service is also used for flying to honeymoon spots.The aviation services are particular about safety. Surya Narayana makes sure he has a 12-kg dry chemical extinguisher and a fully equipped first-aid box.Hiring a helicopter is not easy. It requires a written permission from the District Magistrate.“Along with that they also have to arrange for medical, fire and security services at the place where the copter will land,” says Colossus’ Captain Atish. But his clients are prepared to take the trouble for a bit of novelty.But sometimes these helicopters also face the brunt of bad weather.“We inform the client in advance about it. We make sure that weather is perfect for flying before we take off,” he says.

What does it cost? 

 Price: Rs1.46 lakh per hour 

 Average cost: Rs3 to Rs4 lakhs per 

weddingOccasions: Wedding, proposals, bachelor parties, commute to wedding halls 80% of customers male

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Chipsan offers cheaper airlift for organs transplant 

KOCHI: Even as the Chief Minister and health minister reaffirm the government’s commitment to introduce an air ambulance service in the state for organ airlifting, Chipsan Aviation with a base at Cochin international airport has come forward offering much lower rates.“We are ready to provide helicopters with proper air ambulance facility since we have a base in Kochi. We are ready to sign an agreement with the government in this regard. For a distance from Thiruvananthapuram to Kochi, our cost will come to only Rs 2 lakh at current level and we can cover the distance in an hour,” Sunil Narayanan, managing director Chipsan Aviation, told DC on Sunday.It was on the helicopter arranged by Chipsan Aviation that the body of former Speaker G Karthikeyan was flown in from Bangalore rece-ntly, said Mr Narayanan, who is a Keralite. 

 The company, which operates helicopters across the country and does brisk business during Assembly and Parliament elections carrying leaders, had introduced helicopter sorties to Sabarimala during the pilgrim season from Kochi a few years ago.It was on a Dornier aircraft that the heart of Neelakanda Sarma was brought to Kochi and the Navy charged Rs 6 lakh for the operation.The state government had offered to pay the Rs 6 lakhs that the Navy had charged for the transport of Neelakanda Sarma heart to Kochi.The disadvantage of helicopters is that they would find it difficult to fly in bad weather and also during night.The advantage is that they can land in locations other than airports. Aviation circles said that in cases possible, Chipsan facility could be made use of as the cost is much less.“Private aircraft will charge the amount charged by Navy since the latest operation lasted almost two hours,” said an aviation official. 


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After Udupi, heli-tourism to take wings in Kundapur from May 

Kundapur, (press Meet) : After the success of heli-tourism in Udupi, the concept will now be introduced in Kundapur too. The news has come as a boon for the local tourism.Pilgrimage centres including Anegudde and Kollur, beaches like Maravanthe, beautiful Western Ghats, and well maintained star hotels in the area are a blessing to the tourism activities.

With the approval from district administration, Chipsan Aviation is foraying into heli-tourism in Kundapur, said the company official Suresh in a press meet held at Uva Meridian Hotel.Chipsan Aviation which already has the experience of running heli-tourism in the district centre Udupi will begin its service in Kundapur from May. Joy ride, adventure ride, religious ride and health ride are the packages available with the service. In the initial stage, only joy ride and adventure ride will be introduced. Six people can be accommodated in a ride in a single engine helicopter. The ride will take off from Uva Meridian Hotel helipad. Rides will start from May first week. One has to pay Rs 2,200 for a ride of 8 minute duration and Rs 3,500 for a ride of 13 minute duration.Good response is expected for heli-tourism. V K Mohan, a businessman of Kundapur origin, who was on a visit to Kundapur, took his family members of 6 for a ride of 30 minute duration on Friday, April 29 and wished the service all the best. He said that his family loved the aerial view of Kundapur.Chipsan official Suresh also said that aerial viewing of roads, buildings, sea, and mountains of Kundapur is a different experience altogether. "Services are also available to Udupi, Mangaluru and Bengaluru on demand. Rides are conducted between 3 pm to 6 pm everyday. If response is good, services will be introduced in the mornings also," Suresh said.Uva Meridian Hotel managing director Udaya Kumar Shetty said that temporary arrangement has been made with the hotel to allow Chipsan to use its helipad for rides, to encourage tourism in the area. He requested people to support the initiative by Chipsan Aviation.Director of Uva Meridian Vinay Kumar Shetty and pilot Arpith were present in the press meet. 

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Heli-tourism takes off today in Udupi


Udupi: Nestled between the Western Ghats and Arabian Sea, Udupi can look spectacular from the air. Come Tuesday and tourists to the city will be able to enjoy its natural beauty from a helicopter. Heli -tourism has only been talked about in coastal Karnataka for about a decade. But now Udupi deputy commissioner R Vishal has decided to give it shape, convinced it will bring more tourists to the picturesque district.The administration has roped in Chipsan Aviation to provide the helicopter which will fly six people at a time for10 minutes over Udupi city, giving them an aerial view of the green landscape abutting the sea . Bookings have already started for the joy ride which will take off from the Adi Udupi helipad. While it will cost Rs 3,000 per head, students get a concession fare of Rs 2,600.

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Helicopter tourism launched in Udupi

Tourism in Udupi district, dotted with pristine beaches and pilgrim centres, is all set to get a major push with the launch of the helicopter tourism facility at Adi Udupi helipad on Monday. The service, currently available for two weeks, could get extended if it becomes a hit. Tourists, VVIPs or businessmen wanting to visit Udupi or Kollur can hop into the chopper from Mangaluru and reach the pilgrim centres.

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