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Helicopter Rides Catching on for Weddings 

Sunil Narayanan, director at Chipsan Aviation, says that 75 per cent of the time people hire helicopters for showering flowers while a marriage is in progress or when the happy couple step out of the church.“People are sometimes particular about being married at the Guruvayur Temple, but there are few wedding halls around. So, they are forced to book halls 200-300 km away from the temple and the couple and relatives fly in to the hall in a helicopter,” he says. The helicopter service is also used for flying to honeymoon spots.The aviation services are particular about safety. Surya Narayana makes sure he has a 12-kg dry chemical extinguisher and a fully equipped first-aid box.Hiring a helicopter is not easy. It requires a written permission from the District Magistrate.“Along with that they also have to arrange for medical, fire and security services at the place where the copter will land,” says Colossus’ Captain Atish. But his clients are prepared to take the trouble for a bit of novelty.But sometimes these helicopters also face the brunt of bad weather.“We inform the client in advance about it. We make sure that weather is perfect for flying before we take off,” he says.

What does it cost? 

 Price: Rs1.46 lakh per hour 

 Average cost: Rs3 to Rs4 lakhs per 

weddingOccasions: Wedding, proposals, bachelor parties, commute to wedding halls 80% of customers male

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